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Getting started

Welcome to Juno, an open-source Blockchain-as-a-Service platform that makes building decentralized apps faster and easier than ever before ⚡️🚀🤯.

Unlike traditional Backend-as-a-Service (BaaS) platforms like Google Firebase or AWS Amplify, Juno runs entirely on the blockchain.

It allows you to outsource all the behind-the-scenes aspects of your web or mobile development, giving you the ability to focus on the frontend.

Our platform operates without controlling your data or work. With Juno, you truly own your creations.

Add Juno to your JavaScript project

To get started with Juno, follow our guide to launch your first satellite and integrate our JavaScript SDK into your project.


Build and launch your project with the help of our authentication, datastore, storage, and hosting services.

Learn concepts

Learn about Juno's infrastructure and architecture to fully understand how it works.