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There are two types of costs associated with using Juno.

  1. Operating costs for your mission control or satellites
  2. Costs for executing transactions with Juno

Last update: Feb. 24, 2023

Operating costs

As the owner of your mission control or satellites, you are responsible for their operating costs.

To ensure that your infrastructure usage is covered, you must maintain a minimum balance of cycles.

You can top up your cycle balance in the Juno console using ICP from your mission control or from anywhere else on the Internet Computer.

Transaction costs

New developers joining Juno are given credits to create a mission control and their first satellite.

To create additional satellites, a fee of 0.5 ICP is required, in addition to the costs required by the infrastructure to create the smart contract.

Please note that further transaction fees may be required in the future and prices and models are subject to change.


Here is some useful information related to the subject.

Sending ICP to Your Mission Control


You are the owner of your mission control, and Juno has no control or access to it. Therefore, any ICP transferred to your mission control belongs to you and only you.

You can send ICP to your mission control from any cryptocurrency exchange platform (e.g., Coinbase, Binance, etc.) or wallet. To do so, you will need a destination address.

You can find this address in Juno's console. Once you are signed in, copy your Account Identifier from your personal mission control administration page.