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Build Web3 dApps like Web2

Juno is an open-source platform that provides developers with all the necessary tools to build any Web3 application, making it as easy as developing for Web2.

No backend code required.

100% on-chain with minimal carbon impact.


Ensure maximum security and privacy by using passwordless authentication to securely and anonymously identify users.

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A simple and convenient programming model for storing data on the blockchain.

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Easily store and serve user-generated content, such as files, photos, and videos, on Web3.

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Maintain your brand identity with a custom domain for your decentralized application.

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Gather valuable, anonymous user insights with a simple, lightweight, and open-source web analytics that do not use cookies.

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Create with Juno.

There are numerous ways to develop your projects without compromising on your favorite frontend technologies.


A sample registration form utilizes Juno's Datastore and authentication features, enabling user registration for a beta program.

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A diary dapp showcases how users can securely add notes and upload images on the blockchain.

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The same decentralized diary application, but built with Angular.

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This vanilla example showcases most of Juno's features.

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Juno can also be used in command-line interfaces..

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Seamless User Authentication.

Juno Authentication integrates tightly with other Juno services like datastore and storage.

You can manage your users in an administration console. A new entry is created when a user succesfully signs in.

import { signIn } from "@junobuild/core";

await signIn();

Efficient API.

Juno's API is designed with TypeScript definitions to provide powerful blockchain features through easy-to-use and streamlined functions.

import { setDoc } from "@junobuild/core";

await setDoc<Example>({
collection: "my_collection_key",
doc: {
key: "my_document_key",
data: myExample,

Developer Tools.

Leverage Juno's developer tools to manage your dApps, monitor and administer your data from a single control center.

Utilize the convenient CLI or GitHub Actions to deploy your projects with ease.

npm i -g @junobuild/cli
juno init
juno deploy

Develop your next decentralized app in no time.

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