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When I finalized the release v0.0.28 by upgrading my own projects, starting with, I unexpectedly felt that I "lost" user and heap data.

It turned out that while the migration test from v0.0.15 to v0.0.16 was successful, extending it to an older version of the satellite, v0.0.11, and changing the default memory from heap to stable resulted not being able to resolve the existing data when performing get or list.

This occurred because the Datastore state logic defaulted to memory.clone().unwrap_or_default() to decide which memory type to use.

Fortunately, this issue was only a bug; no data were actually lost, and patching the previously released Satellite version resolved the problem.

Note: Since I detected the issue while finalizing the release, the Satellite version will not be bumped, and it is still released as v0.0.16.


ModuleVersionBreaking changes
CratesVersionBreaking changes
CLIVersionBreaking changes


Here is a list of changes included in this release:


The Satellites have been updated as follows:


  • Redo Memory::Heap as default. See PR #481 for more details and related tests that have been extended.


Please refer to the releases for details.