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This release brings improvements to Analytics. Due to the Internet Computer's max ingress message size of 2MB, it was observed that the Analytics dashboard could only display metrics and aggregations for around 11,000 page views within a selected time frame. This limitation was because all views were collected and metrics were calculated on the frontend side. By shifting the calculation to the backend smart contract, the dashboard can now handle displaying metrics for up to 160,000 page views within the limit on the number of instructions. It's important to note that there is still potential for further improvements as these aggregated data are still calculated on the fly for now.

Additionally, the dashboard will now provide usage statistics per browser and fix the calculation of bounce rate.


ModuleVersionBreaking changes
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Here is a list of changes included in this release:

Console (Backend)

No changes.

Console (Frontend)

The console UI/UX has been improved as following:


  • Support for shifting calculation of the dashboard analytics.
  • Fallback on calculation of dashboard analytics on the frontend for Orbiter not migrated.
  • Display analytics usage by browsers.
  • Chinese translations.


  • Use to access CDN and to provide notably WASM files used for upgrade purposes.


No changes.

Mission Control

No changes.


The Orbiter has been expanded with several functions and endpoints for calculating and aggregating analytics data, which is used for display purposes on the administration console.

These endpoints are accessible to controllers, regardless of whether they have administrator or Read+Write permissions. The existing endpoints for retrieving page views and tracked events are now also accessible to controllers, not just administrators.


No changes.


Please refer to the releases for details.


Please refer to the releases for details.


Please refer to the releases for details.

GitHub Action

Please refer to the releases for details.


Please refer to the releases for details.