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Deploy your app

Deploying your app with Juno is straightforward, just like deploying any modern frontend application.


  • Node.js version LTS or higher
  • Latest version of Juno CLI
  • The environment where deployment is executed (e.g. local or CI) must be authorized to control your satellite. For more information, see the CLI documentation on authorizing a non-interactive environment.

Build your app

Build your app for production. Commonly:

npm run build

Deploy your app

If you do not have the CLI installed yet, install it:

npm i -g @junobuild/cli

and initialize the local project state (juno.json):

juno login
juno init

When prompted, during login and init select the satellite you created earlier.

Use the Juno CLI to upload your production build to your satellite:

juno deploy

Juno provides a GitHub Action that automates the deployment of your dapp to your satellite. For detailed instructions on how to configure it for your repository, please refer to the documentation here.


If you're deploying your app for the first time or if there's no juno.json configuration file available in the root of your project, you'll be prompted for some information. The Juno CLI needs this information to know which satellite your app should be deployed to and where the files are located.