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Deploying your app with Juno is straightforward, just like deploying any modern frontend application.


Node.js version LTS or higher is required.

Build your app

Before proceeding, ensure that your app is prepared and built for production. Typically, this involves the following steps:

npm run build

Deploy your app

To install the CLI if you haven't done so already:

npm i -g @junobuild/cli

Once the installation is complete, you can log in to your satellite from the terminal.

juno login

Running this command will open Juno's console in your browser. You will be prompted to grant access to your machine.

After setting up authentication, deploy your project by running the following command from the root folder of your project:

juno deploy

During the initial deployment, you will be prompted to select the target satellite. The process should proceed smoothly, and upon completion, your app will be hosted on-chain.


Juno provides a GitHub Action that automates the deployment of your dapp to your satellite. For detailed instructions on how to configure it for your repository, please refer to the documentation here.