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Breaking Changes

  • controllers are migrated from a list of IDs to a list of IDs+data. That way "profile" (a name, a hint) can be set to controllers. It becomes easier to know which controllers was used where. This is a breaking changes in the structure and endpoints.

Used to be:

pub type Controllers = Hashset<Principal>;


pub type Controllers = HashMap<Principal, Controller>;

pub struct Controller {
        pub metadata: Metadata,
        pub created_at: u64,
        pub updated_at: u64,
        pub expires_at: Option<u64>,

For backwards compatibility only adding controllers will be supported. Listing the controllers within the console will require the developers to update their satellites or mission controls.


  • zh-cn translations
  • replace with
  • display satellite and mission control code version in summaries
  • preserve selected list order - e.g. per "Created At desc" - in memory
  • add rate limits to create mission control and satellites


  • various improvements in README