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This release addresses few inconsistencies in the core JS libraries (see breaking changes) and introduces various enhancements to the console.

There are no updates to the satellite and mission control code, so there is no need to upgrade to a new version.


ModuleVersionBreaking changes
Console (UI)v0.0.14
Console (Backend)v0.0.6
LibraryVersionBreaking changes
CLIVersionBreaking changes


Here is a list of changes included in this release:



  • new method add_credit to provide the ability to give credits to selected developers
  • display of the daily idle consumption as reported by the IC
  • link to easily open a storage file
  • display full path information in the storage table
  • link to the Next.js sample added to the list of examples
  • link to "Send ICP" documentation added in the create satellite and top-up modals (displayed only when useful)
  • when setting up a custom domain, poll for the status of the boundary nodes more often (every 10 seconds)
  • duplicated keyword "Example" in list of examples


  • display of the mission control's version was not always loaded
  • improve login controllers backwards compatibility for old version of the mission control


Please refer to related release for details.


Please refer to related release for details.