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Breaking Changes

This new release of Juno introduces two breaking changes related to listDocs and listAssets.

  • the parameters and results of both have functions have been updated

Checkout the release notes of the libraries for more information 👉 release notes

This means that if you upgrade your satellite, you will need to use the version of @junobuild/core@0.0.20 or more recent as well.

Likewise, for the same reason, if you do upgrade, you will also need to upgrade your @junobuild/cli@0.0.27 (release notes 0.0.26 and 0.0.27).



  • controllers permission can be scoped: admin (as currently, e.g. controller can upgrade or stop canister) or write (controller can "only" read and write data)
  • provide the collection name in error messages when the collections do not exist yet
  • new optional field description for documents and assets


  • bump Rust dependencies and IC dependencies from crate (instead of poiting to GitHub)



  • set a controller manually - i.e. ability to add a custom controller to satellite or mission control
  • generate a controller - i.e. the console generates a controller for the user, set it to the satellite or mission control and provide its key as output
  • drop @dfinity/nns for @junobuild/ledger to reduce bundle size and improve loading performance
  • add option to delete document or data
  • add option to delete empty collection (deleting non-empty collection will be rejected by the satellite)