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Introducing Juno Analytics - Unlock Deeper Insights with Privacy in Mind

ยท 3 min read

We're excited to introduce Juno Analytics, a simple, performant, and open-source web3 analytics solution designed with privacy in mind for the developers building decentralized dapps with Juno.

In a digital age where data privacy is paramount, Juno Analytics empowers you to gather valuable insights about your users while ensuring anonymity and respecting their privacy.

Here's a closer look at this powerful new feature:

Privacy-Friendly Analyticsโ€‹

Juno Analytics is part of our commitment to user privacy. It conducts measurements of your dapps and sites completely anonymously, without using cookies or collecting any personal data.

This means no more intrusive cookie banners, no persistent identifiers, no cross-site tracking, and no cross-device tracking.

Your analytics data remains solely focused on providing you valuable insights without any other ulterior motives.

Performance-Optimized Scriptโ€‹

Our JavaScript library for gathering analytics is designed for peak performance. It consists of a minimal main script that seamlessly integrates with your application's user interface and a dedicated worker responsible for handling logic and cryptography.

This thoughtful design ensures that adding analytics won't slow down your application, even during boot time, preserving your customer acquisition rate.

Comprehensive Trackingโ€‹

With Juno Analytics, you're not limited to just basic page views. You can gain deeper insights into your visitors by creating custom events to track conversions, attributions, and more. It's a powerful tool for optimizing your dapps and sites.

Fully Open Sourceโ€‹

Juno is fully committed to the principles of open-source development. Unlike proprietary tools like Google Analytics, Juno Analytics is built with a commitment to transparency and freedom.

You Own Your Dataโ€‹

All data tracked by our analytics solution is securely stored on the blockchain. As with all our services, you have full control over your smart contracts, and your data remains exclusively yours.

Getting Startedโ€‹

To begin using Juno Analytics, please refer to our detailed documentation for step-by-step instructions.

It will guide you through the process of setting up and integrating Analytics into your websites and dapps. ๐Ÿš€


We hope you're as excited about Juno Analytics as we are! This feature marks a significant stride toward a more privacy-conscious analytics solution and provide Juno's developers an additional feature in the eco-system to build awesome decentralized applications.


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