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We have big plans for the near and distant future.

Our goal is to transform Juno into a decentralized organization while equipping developers with all the tools they need to efficiently build products on Web3.


Last update: Feb. 8, 2024


Our goal is to continue delivering features that seamlessly integrate both web3 and web2 worlds, while ensuring ease of development. This includes:

  • Analytics (Sept. 2023). ✅
  • Plug-and-play payment and paywall solutions.
  • Transitioning parts or entire projects to DAOs or Service Nervous Systems (SNS).

Templates marketplace

We aim to introduce new features and advanced templates in our satellites, including concepts like "rockets" or "space stations." Our vision revolves around unified interfaces, where developers can potentially design and offer their own smart contract templates and plugins for other community developers.

In essence, while we may launch some of these features ourselves, our primary goal is to establish a marketplace. Here, developers can contribute and vend their creations to fellow developers.

Team collaboration

While Juno is currently focused on individual developers, we recognize the importance of collaboration and are planning to add team support.


To support growth and foster new ideas, we aim to make various infrastructure improvements, including:

  • Adding additional authentication providers (Apr. 2023) ✅
  • Upgrading satellites overall available memory to maximum possible (Oct. 2023). ✅
  • Enhance hosting capabilities to offer Web2-like features (Nov. 2023). ✅
  • Blockchainless ("serverless") functions. Enabling the implementation of backend functions in response to events triggered within satellites. (Feb. 2024) ✅
  • Replacing quick queries with certified calls by default.
  • Automatically topping up smart contracts.
  • Providing real-time data updates.
  • Server-side rendering.
  • End-to-end encryption using threshold key derivation.

Developer tooling

Easing the development process will always be a priority. To that end, we plan to provide:

  • A local emulator for developers to build and test their apps (Jan. 2024). ✅
  • Continuously updated documentation, along with sample repos and tutorials.